TIER runs an eScooter rental scheme, but over the years they've found escooters are perceived as a bit of a nuisance rather than a help to society. They came to us to try and dispel that myth and create a campaign that educated riders about the safe and considerate way to ride them, for their most recent launch across London. 
Launching in June 2021, we weren't able to shoot the footage for the stills and TVC until they were officially "legal" on the roads in the boroughs they were active. So the campaign took a two phase approach, initially using brand colours and straight talking type, paired with script font to bring some of the brands playful attitude into the consistent need for safety messaging. This then evolved into a campaign that embraced imagery and footage of a wide demographic in an attempt to encourage those that were less likely to take a TIER.  
Alongside the main launch in June, we organised a large scale event to attract an even wider demographic to use the brand. Taking over the atrium area in Westfield White City, we created a bespoke TIER track that aloud consumers to TEST a TIER while they shopped. We also created a 40ft mural in Camden, with the brands environmentally friendly ethos in mind. Using anti-pollution paint that absorbs CO2 from the atmosphere. During the paint drying, a reaction occurs between the paint and the carbon dioxide in the air. This reaction turns the paint into calcium carbonate (simply - limestone!).

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