Peloton allows you to experience the excitement of a live ride in your own home thanks to their 14 daily live classes and 10,000+ on-demand classes, led by some of the world’s best instructors. They wanted to push awareness of this unique spin class experience.
At Peloton House we created an immersive home cycling pop-up with themed rooms and dual bike areas, that allowed users give it a go as if they were at home.   As it’s not a spin studio you can try any type of ride (with a range of music) you want, from a beginner class to a more intensive HIIT cycle. 

The space also had showers and a refuel bar so you were able leave feeling refreshed. With the amount of class choices on offer, Peloton House was perfect for spinning newbies as well as cycling pros.

We sold 90 Bikes on the first day, 53.8m Followers engaged through VIP content, 400 Social posts and 85 Pieces of coverage   

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