Players only want football boots with the latest technologies, the lightest materials and the brightest fabrics to help them perform at the highest level. Umbro needed to bring their latest technologically filled boot out in a hugely saturated and competitive market. We had to re-introduce the football only brand, Umbro, to the market they used to dominate. 
We had to re-address how we talked to the market to gain some cut through. As Umbro considers themselves a true football brand, with a natural love of the game. Realising that 99% of people that play football aren't professional players, it helped focus our thought on how real people love the game and everything involved in it. Whether it's the smell of the boots fresh out of the box, or cleaning them quickly in the garden just before kick off we know how real people feel about their boots and how they look after them in their own personal way. 
Being brought into the process after some initial research was done, I helped with concepts, scamping ideas and eventually creating the storyboards for the final film. To mark the launch of the UX-1, we wanted to celebrate those people that go a little bit further for the boots they love.
The video made a real impact and split opinions, which was seen a great success. To have a launch that is nothing like any other boot launch out there it had some real cut through in the industry. So much so, they tied their release so that Joe Hart could wear them for an England game.  

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